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We have a commitment to share information and recipes to empower consumers, parents, educators and professionals, and do have guidelines, which you are required to follow in order to use information from this website. 

Many recipes are originally created with a great deal of time, energy, and expense. Changing one or two ingredients, the quantities, or the instructions, and using it as your own will constitute a copyright violation unless you state,

Original recipe from:  Lisa A. Lundy, Author of The Super Allergy Girl© Allergy & Celiac Cookbook, From A Mother Who Knows©,

and state it has been modified.

Guidelines for permissions are as follows:


Recipes posted on this website and blog may be used in blogs, ezines, and on other websites so long as proper credit is given. You must use the following credits for any recipe posted or used from this website: 

Lisa A. Lundy, Author of The Super Allergy Girl© Allergy & Celiac Cookbook, From A Mother Who Knows©,

Failure to give proper credit, as listed above, is a violation of copyright laws. Recipes may also be printed out for use in educational settings, as in with GFCF support groups, celiac support groups, autism support groups and Feingold Association meetings and the associated newsletters these organizations produce. 

If you are requesting use for a recipe in a published book, e-book, or other format or outlet not specifically mentioned previously,  please send a request for permission including:

Use of our recipes outside the scope outlined above is a violation of copyright laws may subject you to unfavorable legal action. 

Other Educational Materials:  

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